Micropigmentation,is a specialization within the cosmetic area which purpose is beautify, correct or improve certain features in the facial and body anatomy.
It is consider a semi-permanent makeup technique and it has been a great help to people that have lost hair because of different reasons. As time goes by, it is more common to turn to this technique as corrective treatment to hide imperfections.


Eyebrows micropigmentation is a technique within the almost semi-permanent makeup. It is used as method to correct the eyebrows outline, and it is common among those women that have scarce hair or bald spots due to hair removal.


Eyes micropigmentation, also known as semi-permanet outliner or semi-permanent eye tattoo involve pigmenting the eyeliner superior, inferior or both. This way you can have a semi-permanent eye makeup. With this, it gives a bulky effect to the eyelashes and the look is highlighted.


Lips micropigmentation also known as  semi- permanent lips makeup, allows the correction of imperfections or asymmetry.
With this technique, we give volume to thin lips, or even hiding spots or scars.