Hair Removal


with different technologies


We make a study prior to the treatment and make a free test.

In our Complete Beauty centre Any Lopez, we offer you several hair removal methods for underarms, legs and groins. Treatments are adapted to your skin after a previous study.
Show off a hairless body with our laser hair removal treatments.

State-of-the-art IPL

IPL is a type of hair removal based on selective photothermolysis with wipe effect for the destruction of the follicle, that is produced by heat with focused pulses of light. Hair removal in 4 to 6 sessions, spread out in 4 to 6 weeks each.

Underarms hair removal

Laser removes the hair safely, quickly, efficiently, progressively and it is long-lasting. With this method, you will avoid the formation of cysts or the uncomfortable and annoying red spot in the armpits, caused by the irritation produced by other methods like removing the hair with blades

Groins hair removal

Groins hair removal with laser is one of the most common treatments because of its hygiene and convenience.
Private parts are have a very characteristic strong hair, that can turn into cysts. With this treatment, this problem will disappear and it will help with hygiene avoiding infections.

Legs hair removal

We guarantee that, once you start the treatment, the quality of your legs skin will improve, helping with the cyst hairs, folliculitis problems and irritations caused by traditional methods -shaving and waxing-.
Normally, hair removal with laser is carried out every 2 or 3 months and 6 or 8 sessions are needed. The duration of the hair removal with laser treatment depends on the skin type, hair and part to depilate.