Facial Treatments

Your skin is the most important thing. Because of that, we have certain treatments using biotechnology and state-of-the-art equipment. We work with high-end cosmetic brands at competitive prices.
free diagnosis  will determine your skin state to help us choose the appropriate treatment.
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Facial Diagnosis

We offer the most advance services in facial diagnosis to know your skin thoroughly. Our obligation is advise you about the best treatments for you.


The application of principles and engineering for treatment by biological system to obtain active molecules removed from vegetable and maritime nature, basic in the essential nutrition of the cells.


Bipolar Radio Frequency

It is a system than heats subcutaneous layers of the skin in a controlled and localised way to revitalise the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, rejuvenating it little by little


It is a mechanism by which an pulsed, athermic and not ionisable electromagnetic wave makes an alteration in the potential of the membrane as to open momentarily the membrane allowing the insertion of active ingredients in the skin.

Anti-aging treatment

Dermapen is a treatment made of multiple micro-needles (micropunction) that works to affirm and rejuvenate the skin, transdermal penetration system.

Chemical Peeling

It is easy, consisting in a complete and quick cells renovation of the superficial layers of the skin. In our clinic we make an evaluation according to the needs of each skin, that is why we offer peeling of different acids.

Essential Treatment

Essential Treatment

Skin moisturising with liposomal and nanosomado products with hyaluronic acid, ceramic, vitamin C, a necessary complement to avoid photoaging and the skin dehydration.

Peeling + Moisturising

Peeling + Moisturising

Peeling is basic and essential to renew your epidermis and keep it healthy.
Moisturising helps keeping your skin elasticy by restoring the barrier role, in other words, the most superficial layer of the skin.