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Any-June 4, 2019
In our Beauty Centre in Benidorm, we have registered massage therapists with many years of experience. Our professionals will help you soothing contractures in your back, relaxing your muscles from the daily tensions, or recovering from lesser injuries caused by sprains or sudden movements. Our mission is make you feel better, your well-being, and it’s [...]
Any-June 4, 2019
Our Beauty Centre in Benidorm offers various body treatments recommended for cellulite, stretch marks and skin looseness. You know that you have cellulite when, in certain body parts (mainly thighs, stomach and buttocks) there is a gathering of fat that generate dimply skin. This is due to the fact that the fat under the skin [...]
Any-May 2, 2019
Our new Beauty Centre in Benidorm offers a wide variety of beauty services that will make you feel and see yourself better. The nice weather is coming and this is the perfect moment to make an appointment to remove your hair with laser. With just a few sessions, you will be perfect to show off [...]